A new book to support parents


This book brings together a wealth of practical ideas to support parents/carers cope with the challenging times we are all living through. Parenting involves both knowing what to do and having the capacity to do it. If you can improve your own sense of well-being you will be better able to use those skills. We all cope with challenges better when we feel good. The way to parent effectively is to understand your own well-being, what it is and how you can develop and strengthen it. As the saying goes “you can’t give it away if you haven’t got it.”

Beginning with physical well-being and then detailing emotional, thinking and social well-being, each with user friendly techniques known for their usefulness. Learn how:Physical well-being is connected to emotional well-being. To manage negative feelings and increase positive ones. Develop a positive thinking style. Value and develop a social life. And for all parents/carers the secrets of Positive Parenting. Providing a set of mantras that will enhance the relationships you have with your children forever. To be a ‘good enough’ parent, is to be a real parent.



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