SEBDA Terms and Conditions of Membership

SEBDA Terms and Conditions of Membership

The Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Association (SEBDA) is a Charity whose membership is open to all those concerned with the social and emotional development of children and young people and their wellbeing. Their educational provision and progression form a central focus of its activities. The full current constitution is available on the SEBDA web site.

Membership. Membership is governed by the Association’s National Council.

Currently membership can be: Individual, Student or Corporate.

Fees for membership are agreed at the Association’s Annual General Meeting.

Membership is given from the month when payment is received and becomes liable for renewal annually in that month.  Members are responsible for ensuring that any changes to their contact details are sent to the Association at  Payment may be made via Paypal, Bank transfer, Cheque or Standing Order. SEBDA does not accept post-dated cheques. If paying by standing order members must remember to inform their Bank of any changes to the annual subscription fee. The Association at this point is unable to offer a direct debit facility. Please note SEBDA takes no responsibility for any charges or interest incurred where your bank is approached for payment but cleared funds are not available. In the event that the Association takes payment after you have cancelled your membership, we will refund that payment. In the event of a change in your bank details there is a risk that we may take payment twice, in which case we will refund any money taken in error.

Your Right to Cancel:

If you cancel your membership up to 28 working days following the date of commencement (or renewal) of your membership a full refund of fees received will be given. Return of any fees paid after the 28 day period will be at the discretion of the National Council. Cancellations may be made by notifying SEBDA via an e-mail to giving the member’s name and the e-mail address held by the Association. This page was last updated  22 February 2023


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