The legacy of the conference


Discussions about next steps began in a session on the final day of the conference as all concerned want to capitalise on the energy and enthusiasm generated by bringing together a large number of professionals with the common goal of improving the lot of vulnerable children and young people.

Members of the conference planning team and SEBDA’s National Council are currently exploring possibilities and developments will be reported here when they are available. 

However plans are already in place for giving presenters at the conference the opportunity to have their work published in an academic journal: 

Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties:  Special Issue

SEBDA’s Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, a quarterly academic journal published through Taylor and Francis, is an important, peer-reviewed internationally recognised research publication. We are delighted that work is underway to bring together a special issue of the journal drawing on the content of the conference. The guest editor for this edition will be Neil Hall, Neil is Lecturer in Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties at the University of Birmingham and his contribution to the organisation of the conference was invaluable.  Presenters at the conference will be invited to submit abstracts for review in due course.



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