Dominic Gunn

With broad experience over a long career, teaching from 3 to 19 yrs in both Mainstream, Special and PRU settings, I have chosen to  work predominantly in the unique world of Early Childhood Education.  I am currently the Specialist Teacher for Early Years in Ashford District, Kent, supporting practitioners, parents and children with SEND.  I am responsible for Research and Development of the Specialist Teaching and Learning Service. 

I am also privileged to be an Affiliate Member of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy  at University College London. 

I share a particular interest in Neuro-scientific developments which are enabling us to visualise the impact of healthy, and damaging, experiences in babies, toddlers and infants. This is helping us redefine our inter-relationships with children and young people and clarify what we mean by ‘early intervention’. It will also shape the essential discourse we need around curriculum change, pedagogy and #TransformingEd21. We do know how to improve education and lives, but it will require a change of direction.



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